CDL Jobs Atlanta, GA To Answer the Call of the Open Road

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A CDL job in Atlanta, Georgia, allows a lucky few to live out their childhood dreams of adventure. You hit the road carrying your freight and get to see new cities in the process.

As a bonus, you become an indispensable freight driver, ensuring that everyone in the country receives food, medical, dental, and luxury supplies. Your “desk” view changes with your route and which site you visit each week.

Does that sound like your ideal life? Do you have what it takes for this rewarding opportunity? Then Rapid Response Inc. may have the perfect job for you if you have a class A license.

We employ company OTR truck drivers and owner-operators for local, long-haul freight, and regional work from our Atlanta, GA, base. Read on to learn more about what we’re looking for and the excellent benefits package we offer drivers who sign up.

CDL jobs Atlanta

CDL Jobs Atlanta, GA, and the Surrounding Area

Are your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and clean driving record your key to excellent benefits and salary? They could be if you’re looking for CDL driver opportunities in Georgia. Rapid Response Inc. is always looking for truck drivers to grow with our business.

How to Qualify for CDL Truck Driving Jobs

Our standards for our employees are high, but we offer full benefits and an annual bonus. You may qualify as a local route delivery driver or truck driver if you have the following:

  • A valid Class A CDL
  • Two years recent driving experience
  • A clean and safe driving record
  • The ability to pass a DOT physical and drug screening
  • 23 years of life experience

The Rapid Response Inc. Benefits Package

Rapid Response Inc. drivers can build a full-time career through driving. The money is good, no matter the job type or goods you deliver.

Why Work for Less When You See What We Offer?

  • To receive pay between $65,000 and $250,000 when you sign
  • 50/50 Drop-n-Hook to maximize paid time
  • 98% no-touch freight, with few, if any, hazmat concerns
  • One payday per week based on your rate per hour
  • Regularly paid visits home from the site
  • That we prioritize safety with new or late model equipment
  • A bonus for no accidents on route or at the site.
  • A generous cell phone allowance
  • Extra pay for layovers or unforeseen stops when away from the site
  • A referral bonus for every qualified person you refer that we can sign up and hire
  • Full benefits, including life insurance, medical and health insurance, and dental insurance

The Typical Job Description

The description for a class A CDL truck driver may vary on the specifics, but they will often be similar.

Some Work You’ll Do for Rapid Response Inc.

  • Move freight of all types from the distribution center to the end-user or delivery site
  • Complete logs showing the vehicle’s state of repair and reports of issues
  • Where CDL careers in Atlanta, Georgia, require, moving hazardous materials to follow all the correct procedures at the site.
  • Sign a complete log of paid hours per week
  • Safely keep paperwork you collect along the route or at the site.
  • Carry out inspections before and after each run and sign accordingly
  • Help with the loading and unloading of freight at the site and, where necessary, along the route.
  • Drive various types of vehicles as determined by site and route.

Skills You Need

  • Outstanding customer service skills on-site and off
  • Self-discipline and motivation
  • Excellent communication on-site and off
  • Ability to make the most of paid time without micromanagement
  • Get along with people well, whether they’re from the country or the city
  • Be responsible for your health and that of others along the route and on the site
  • Have a strong work ethic on-site
  • Be good at navigating
  • Able and willing to work in a high-pressure environment
  • Being able to adhere to client orders at the site and incorporate appropriate safety regulations
  • Experience with driving several types of vehicles
  • The ability to use the GPS
  • A good fitness ethic, using health insurance proactively where necessary
  • A compliant nature, particularly when it comes to the rules regarding freight transport
  • Willingness to hold the position in the long-term to reap the whole health and dental benefits
  • Excellent driving skills irrespective of the weather, light, or bonus environmental and site difficulties
  • Outstanding time-management skills while on-site and the route
  • An eye for administrative details to ensure all company freight documents are in order
  • Stamina enough to tackle a longer route as the company requires

Education You Need

You need more than a driver’s license to secure a CDL truck driver job. Your commercial driver’s license allows you to operate vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds, but it is merely the start.

You will need to undergo training to learn how to handle vans and the big rigs on the route. You will also need to understand what to inspect before setting out on your route and how to recheck your rig when you return to the site.

Most companies in Atlanta GA also expect you to have at least a year’s experience using that license. At Rapid Response Inc., we’re stricter because of our commitment to your security.

We request that you have at least two years’ experience before applying to be a CDL truck driver with us.

Why Join the Rapid Response Team?

truck driving jobs atlanta ga

Does your current company match your compensation per hour to the responsibility you hold? As a truck driver, do you receive your dues in terms of medical and dental benefits, local runs, on-site training, and vehicle maintenance? Do you receive bonus pay for driving exceptionally well?

If not, please consider joining our valued on-site team. We treat our truck drivers well because we understand that they are the backbone of our business. We take pride in maintaining an employee retention rate higher than the industry average.

We understand that you are part of our family, and your family matters to us. We make it easy to provide for your needs with pay and benefits commensurate with your talent. We work hard to provide you with local on-site assistance and the kinds of employment you prefer.

Put us to the test and see how we, as a company, match your needs and support you. Sign up for local runs, long-distance hauls, or the combination that suits you.

We Ensure You

  • Are paid weekly
  • Receive fair pay per hour you work
  • Get full medical and dental
  • Have reasonable local route and freight control
  • Have a safe support site to call home base
  • Receive a combination of local runs and longer-distance drives
  • Have the opportunity to earn a decent bonus

Owner Operator and OTR Company Driving Careers

With more than 150 million tons of freight passing through it annually, Atlanta, GA, is a top site for trucks. With the support of Rapid Response Inc., your local employment opportunities are limitless.

A bonus of this site is that global manufacturers like Coca-Cola are significant players at this site. You’ll always find someone needing you to move freight; experienced drivers are a constantly needed commodity.

Rapid Response Inc. is here to meet this growing need for our customers, and we’re willing to pay our truck drivers in Atlanta top rates when you sign up.

Simply complete the handy “short form” on above to express your interest in a CDL job opportunity in Atlanta, GA. One of our local team members will get back to you as quickly as possible to schedule an on-site meeting. They’ll discuss your potential pay, bonus, medical, and dental. We look forward to working with you!

If you would like to Apply to Drive for Rapid Response, simply complete the “short form” above and we will contact you. You may also contact Driver Recruiting at 636-875-5040
Area map of Rapid Response highlighting CDL job locations