Furniture Service

Furniture Service & Repair

Rapid Response, Inc. is the most reliable and advanced contracted service department available completing repair, maintenance, and service work for Fortune 500 furniture distributors. Rapid Response. Inc. offers the highest level of customer service in the industry. For 15 years we have been servicing furniture in the Northeast in such states as NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, NC and SC.

We believe in customer and vendor service above all with the understanding that our technicians are the final point of contact between the vendor(s) and the customer. With this understanding, our technicians have excellent soft skills and experience to offer a level of service that encourages return business to our vendor partners.

Our technicians are the best in the industry with years of experience and training in all aspects of furniture service, customer service, and vendor relations. At Rapid Response we are able to customize relayed information to our vendors as requested for the highest level of efficiency in the business. Our internet accessible applications allow us to report all data faster and more efficiently than any other furniture service contractor in the industry.