Truck Driving Jobs in Indianapolis, IN

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Rapid Response, Inc has several truck driving jobs in Indianapolis area, CDL drivers looking for a spot in the town’s dynamic trucking industry can now earn top pay and great benefits. If you want to level up your truck driving career or want owner-operator jobs in Indianapolis, apply today.

truck driving jobs in Indianapolis

Do You Qualify for Rapid Response Truck Driver Jobs?

Rapid Response Inc. employs the best Class A CDL truck drivers. We’d love to hear from you if you:

  • Have a valid Class A CDL license
  • Are 23 years old or older
  • Have a good driving record with no infractions
  • Can pass both a drug screen and a DOT physical
  • Have at least two years of truck driving experience

Benefits Info for CDL Truck Drivers

Why sign up with Rapid Response? We provide a highly competitive pay package and benefits for all employees. The employment benefits include:

  • An annual salary of between $65,000 and $250,000, depending on your experience
  • 98% no-touch freight
  • Weekly wage payments for drivers
  • 50-50 drop-n-hook
  • The possibility of home-weekly routes
  • 2019 – 2024 Peterbilt trucks and Dry Van Trailers
  • Once or twice weekly visits home
  • Generous safety bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • Cell phone allowance
  • Extra stop/Layover pay
  • Medical and dental benefits for company CDL drivers
  • Life benefits for each full-time truck driver

Advantages of Driving for Rapid Response

Rapid Response is a national company that operates more like a small company. Every truck driver is a family member, and we treat them as such. We always put our CDL truck drivers first.

Without you, our company would not be as successful as it is. Our team of drivers remains our best business asset and the reason that we secure the big jobs we do. We view truck driving as a special skill and value our drivers highly.

Unlike some of our competitors, we have low turnover rates. The reason stems from us looking after our class A CDL drivers so well.

We focus on what’s good for your career rather than chasing money.

Our team of truck drivers acts as a cohesive unit helping us all succeed. We understand this, so we value every one of our customer service reps, Class A CDL drivers, and owner-operated employees.

Earn Fair Wages and Great Benefits

Our starting wage begins at $60,000, and we’re willing to pay more for a skilled and experienced driver in Indiana. You receive weekly payments, making it easy to budget for the month.

The 50-50 drop-n-hook policy makes the job more profitable for owner-operated vehicles. We allow you to earn significant bonuses. Drive safely and refer friends, and you can earn some extra money for the month.

Drivers also receive an allowance when they have a layover or extra stop.

Decent Work Opportunities

With most loads, you get the freight to its destination; you do not have to load and unload the trailer. We understand that you have family and home that you want to see, so we work out a schedule that facilitates you.

Our owner-operated partners, in particular, enjoy this freedom of movement. They may stay within Indiana or travel far beyond its borders. Either way, they receive fair pay and a steady job.

As a driver, you will have the opportunity for regular home visits and a reasonable amount of time off. We do not offer a paid vacation, but we might consider doing so in the future.

Instead, we present you with various driving jobs that optimize your schedule.

We use careful scheduling to ensure you get a driving job best suited to your skills and pay needs. If you prefer to stay closer to home, we’ll try to assign local truck driving jobs in Indiana. If you’re a long-haul truck driver, we’ll provide plenty of national truck driver jobs.

Excellent Benefits

We review our employee benefits regularly, ensuring you get the best pay, medical, dental, and life insurance possible. With our CDL jobs, truck drivers can build a lucrative career rather than worrying about how to pay for braces.

Outstanding Company Culture

We pay you what you’re worth and ensure that we run regular hiring sprees. We’d rather hire extra drivers than overstretch the existing ones.

A Safe Working Environment

We take our duty of care seriously to confirm that every driver complies with strict safety protocols. These include careful scheduling to ensure that our employees get sufficient rest.

We also pay safety bonuses to encourage attentive driving throughout our fleet in Indiana.

We also provide our drivers with a cellphone allowance so they can call for help whenever they need to.

Reliable Vehicles

Our fleet consists of top-quality Peterbilt trucks and Dry Van trailers. We have no models older than 2019 to provide our drivers with the best possible quality vehicles. Each vehicle undergoes regular checks to ensure optimal safety while on CDL jobs, Indianapolis or not.

Many Opportunities

With a number of local, regional, and long-haul routes already in place, we have that ideal job that allows you to live the lifestyle you want.

Our business grows daily, meaning we have a wide range of employment opportunities for several types of freight. Speak to us about your career goals, and we’ll set you up with a job that helps you work toward them.

Owner Operator and OTR Company Truck Driving Jobs: Indianapolis

Indianapolis offers numerous opportunities with a thriving economy. With more than two million inhabitants, it also serves as one of the biggest cities in the Midwest. The combination makes it a powerful, modern city that works well for single people and families.

Home to the Indianapolis 500, this is the town where many choose to spend their paid vacation. The location makes this town one of the most critical freight points in Indiana and the United States. As an essential stop on the way to Chicago, Louisville, or Cincinnati.

With manufacturers and retailers crossing a diverse range of industries, we always find someone needing to move freight and willing to pay for our services.

Even if we only serviced the pharmaceutical giants and large medical companies such as Roche Diagnostics, Eli Lilly, and Guidant in the area, we’d still hire drivers to fill the job vacancies.

However, our clients include manufacturers across several other industries as well. Goods on their way to Chicago, Louisville, and Cincinnati also have to make their way through.

This situation puts you, as a CDL driver, in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose assignments.

Set your schedule for as many miles a month as possible, select local trips within Indiana, choose long-haul freight, and earn good pay and benefits.

We’re Hiring in Indiana, and We’ll Pay You Fairly

Do you live in Indianapolis or the surrounding area? Are you seeking an opportunity to further your career while making good pay? Would you like to be in the employ of a company that appreciates its workers?

Rapid Response may have just the local or long-haul position you want, and we’re hiring. We need dynamic drivers in our employ, and we’re willing to pay you what you deserve.

Don’t settle for less than you’re worth. Contact us by calling (636) 875 5040 or completing the “short form” on this page and see why our company has the best truck driving jobs in Indianapolis.

If you would like to Apply to Drive for Rapid Response, simply complete the “short form” above and we will contact you. You may also contact Driver Recruiting at 636-875-5057

Area map of Rapid Response highlighting CDL job locations