CDL Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

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Are you a truck driver looking for CDL jobs in Columbus, Ohio with competitive pay at an established trucking company? Look no further than Rapid Response, Inc. We have plenty of route options, modern equipment, and a culture that supports work-life balance.

Rapid Response, Inc is currently hiring new truck drivers in Columbus, Ohio. We’re seeking owner operators and company drivers with Class A CDL licenses.

Contact us for more information and get paid to do what you love.

CDL jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Driver Requirements 

The driver requirements include the following:

  • Valid Class A CDL license 
  • At least two years of recent truck driving experience 
  • 23 years or older 
  • A safe driving record with no infractions 

Full Benefits 

Rapid Response, Inc focuses on giving CDL truck drivers the opportunities, tools, and respect needed to be a successful part of the team. As a Class A CDL driver or owner operator, you have the opportunity to grow in your professional career with us.  

We believe in hiring and rewarding Class A truck drivers who take pride in their work and do the job right. Benefits of working with us include:  

  • Earn $65,000 to $250,000 based on driving experience 
  • Weekly pay 
  • 98% no-touch freight 
  • Home-weekly route options available 
  • 50-50 Drop-n-Hook 
  • Cell phone allowance 
  • Through or to your home once or twice a week 
  • New equipment (2019-2024 Peterbilt trucks and Dry Van Trailers) 
  • Get paid safety bonuses 
  • Extra stop/layover pay 
  • Referral rewards program
  • Life benefits for each full-time truck driver 
  • Health/Medical and dental benefits for company drivers 

Advantages of Driving for Rapid Response, Inc 

As a family-owned company with four decades of experience in transportation and logistics, we can confidently say that our truck drivers are our most valuable asset. That’s why we continue to create an environment where all our Class A drivers feel like part of the Rapid Response, Inc family.

We strive to help CDL drivers with sufficient knowledge, skills, and driving experience find the job they’ve always wanted.

We also offer various perks, including medical/health benefits, to every Class A truck driver on our team.

Whether it’s a work schedule that fits your lifestyle, local route options, or competitive salary, Rapid Response, Inc stays committed to finding the right job for you. 

Competitive Pay

Our Class A drivers get paid between $60,000 and $250,000, depending on skill and driving experience. We pay weekly, so you can easily organize your personal budget and schedule bill payments. 

50-50 drop-n-hook means you don’t have to load and unload. We have plenty of bonus opportunities for our top CDL drivers who meet safety expectations. Drivers also get paid an allowance for layovers and extra stops. 

Great Benefits 

To ensure you get the best value for your input as a CDL driver, we regularly review and, as needed, update our employee benefits. As market dynamics evolve, we strive to ensure that you receive those benefits you value and provide diverse options that promote overall good health. 

That way, you can worry less about pay or medical/health insurance and focus more on your driving career and long-term growth. 

Stable and Steady Work 

We present you with plenty of driving jobs and route options that allow you to optimize your job schedule and get paid well.

We understand that you enjoy spending time with your family at home, so we work out a schedule that facilitates a healthy work-life balance without compromising your ability to make money.

Freedom of movement means you may choose route options that allow you to stay local or travel across the country. Either way, you receive steady workflow and fair pay. 

Drivers enjoy the opportunity to visit home regularly as well as a reasonable time off. Our logistics team carefully schedules driving jobs to best suit your skills and pay needs. If you prefer to stay close to home, we’ll try to assign local jobs in Columbus, Ohio.  

Are you interested in road trips or have a desire to travel across the country? We have plenty of long-haul trucking jobs for you.

You won’t experience extended downtimes unless you choose to, but our freight dispatchers will never put you in a position where you’re on the road longer than you want. 

Safe Working Environment 

Health and safety are top priorities at Rapid Response, Inc. Today, trucks warn drivers of dangers, mitigate collisions, and enhance visibility for night driving.

To leverage the opportunities offered by modern equipment, we invest in a modern fleet (no model older than 2019) of Peterbilt trucks and Dry Van trailers fitted with the latest technologies for safety, comfort, communication, and environmental sustainability.  

We inspect each vehicle regularly to ensure optimal safety. We also take our duty of care seriously by ensuring that every CDL driver complies with our strict driver safety protocols. That includes meticulous freight scheduling to ensure all our employees get enough rest.  

Our entire team remains vigilant on and off the road, always looking for opportunities to improve safety knowledge and keep our drivers safe.

A cellphone allowance ensures drivers can easily call for help whenever they need to. We also offer safety bonuses and reward drivers for maintaining safe driving practices. 

Great Company Culture

Rapid Response Company Truck

A stellar management team allows us to take care of our drivers by providing a great working environment. We focus on building an inclusive environment that’s welcoming for everyone who works at Rapid Response, Inc. 

We have an office full of talented individuals, from management and freight dispatchers to mechanics, who are always ready to help you. We also hire regularly to avoid overstretching our team.

As part of our commitment to creating an enabling environment for our employees, we continue to provide relevant knowledge and adapt processes for the best possible work environment. 

We understand that our drivers are the key to our success. We treat them with respect and dignity as they deliver freight to the local Columbus market or across the country.

Ultimately, it’s more than just a driving position with competitive salary/pay and medical benefits: It’s about the total value of driving and working at Rapid Response, Inc. Our premium pay, coupled with great benefits and the opportunity to build a career, sets us apart from other trucking companies. 

Many Opportunities in Columbus, OH

With several local, regional, and long-haul route options, we have the ideal job that allows you to enjoy as much employment flexibility as you want.  

As our business grows, we have plenty of local employment opportunities for several types of freight. For owner operators with an entrepreneurial spirit, contracting with us allows you to enjoy partnership, freedom, and reliable miles.  

Talk to us about your career goals, and we’ll set you up with a job that helps you work toward them. Every employee has the opportunity to create a long and successful career with Rapid Response, Inc.  

Owner Operator and Company Drivers in Columbus, Ohio 

Columbus is Ohio’s largest and most populous metro area. The city has a strong and diverse local economy, with manufacturing, finance, technology, and logistics holding a prominent presence in the area.

The city’s continuing growth and conducive business environment make Columbus, Ohio, an attractive commercial hub, increasing the potential for a thriving freight industry. 

Columbus, OH, is home to multiple industry giants, from Big Lots and Worthington Industries to Elmer’s and Wendy’s. Nearly half of the US population lives within 300 miles of Columbus, Ohio.

As a Class A truck driver, Columbus, Ohio, offers a central location in a thriving city that will continue to provide substantial amounts of freight and opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Have a valid Class A CDL license? Get paid to travel and explore Columbus and beyond.

Contact us if you’re interested in a driving position at a trucking company that cares about you and your career. We’re currently hiring and have plenty of CDL jobs in Columbus.

When you succeed, Rapid Response, Inc. Succeeds. 

If you would like to Apply to Drive for Rapid Response, simply complete the “short form” above and we will contact you. You may also contact Driver Recruiting at 636-875-5057

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