5 Tips to Improve Driver Retention Rate


In the trucking industry, providing a safe, enjoyable, and profitable environment is vital to retaining a high driver retention rate. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why there are high turnover rates in the trucking business, including grueling shifts, long periods away from family, and exhaustion.

According to an American Trucking Association report, the driver turnover rate since 2012 measures nearly 100% annually. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic compounded the problem due to logistics chain issues, making it even more critical for companies to find ways to improve driver retention rates. For every driver that quits, it costs companies an average of $12,000 to train a replacement.

While most drivers report that low wages are the number one reason for leaving the job, a feeling of isolation and unappreciation also play significant roles. Since truck drivers often spend long hours alone on the road, they feel separated from their support network.

Gallup polls report a 25% lower turnover rate in employees who feel engaged and supported and a 70% decrease in work-related accidents. Happy truckers are not only more likely to stick around, but they’re also more focused, productive, and willing to go that extra mile.

Here are five ways to increase driver satisfaction with your company and improve driver retention rate.

1. Offer Holistic Health Services

Trucking driver health is one of the most serious topics in the industry. It covers all aspects of health: physical, mental, and emotional.

One of the best ways to improve driver retention rates is by providing a comprehensive health plan. Your health plan should cover all these aspects to ensure that your drivers receive the health services they need. For physical health, you can provide workout facilities in your office as well as regular calisthenics classes.

Mental health services are also critical. Many drivers report feelings of isolation and loneliness due to the nature of their job, leading to conditions like depression and anxiety. Providing free and regular counseling services is a great way to boost morale and help drivers who struggle with mental health issues.

Finally, you should not neglect the emotional health of your drivers. Often, mental and emotional health issues are co-related. Providing opportunities for your drivers to socialize with their co-workers helps prevent emotional health issues and fosters a strong and healthy working relationship within your company.

2. Invest in Quality Equipment

Drivers need the best equipment to do their jobs right. For example, high-quality navigational systems maximize travel time to find the best route, reducing stress and possible travel-related issues.

You should also invest in preventive maintenance for your trucks to prevent accidents or engine trouble. There’s nothing more frustrating for a driver than breaking down in the middle of their route!

High-quality trucks should not only be safe, but they should also be comfortable. Ergonomic seats and a good sound system go a long way in making a driver feel appreciated and supported. You can even take it a step further and install entertainment options such as flat-screen TVs or a DVD player.

3. Create a Mentoring Program

One of the best ways to improve your driver retention rate is through a mentorship program. You can partner experienced drivers with employees who are just starting out so that they can learn the ropes more quickly. Mentors can also teach their mentees tips and tricks that can help improve their work performance.

Aside from a faster learning curve, a mentorship program can help your drivers since it fosters a strong bond between the mentor and the mentee. In addition, communication would be easier since most drivers feel more comfortable speaking to their peers rather than with management. Mentees may also open up more readily with their mentors regarding any issues they have with the company or their work.

4. Build a Feedback Network

As with any office setup, it’s important to get feedback from your drivers regarding their experience with your company. A feedback network helps ensure that your drivers feel heard and that you can address any issues before they become serious problems.

You can create a feedback network through weekly check-in calls with your drivers. A scheduled call will give your driver something to look forward to, and it won’t disrupt their driving schedule. You can also create an employee newsletter to keep your employees updated with company events.

5. Reward Good Performance

Drivers who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay. One of the key aspects of improving driver retention rate is acknowledging your employee’s efforts. It’s easier for drivers to hit their goals if you create clear and attainable metrics as well as corresponding incentives.

Some measurable and effective metrics include:

  • Observing safe driving techniques
  • Amount of positive customer feedback
  • Good reviews from managers and team leaders
  • Reducing bad habits such as idling and distracted driving

You can even create a program that recognizes the best-performing driver every month. However, you need to be careful when you start giving bonuses and incentives based on performance.

Some drivers become tempted to disregard road safety to receive rewards. This is why it is essential to measure performance based on output and adherence to safety measures.

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