Local Truck Driving Jobs in Atlanta, Georgia

local truck driver job in Atlanta, GA

Every year, many professional haulers look for lucrative local truck driving jobs in Atlanta, Georgia. Our expert recruiters at Rapid Response love meeting their expectations! We’re proud to be the number one recruiter for logistics professionals, providing the best equipment in the industry for regional, local, and long-haul truck drivers.

At Rapid Response, we’re an asset-based transportation provider specializing in

  • Full truckloads
  • Less than full truckloads
  • Local deliveries
  • Home deliveries
  • Home appliance and furniture services

We have an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and a presence in over 20 states.

What Is a Local Truck Driver?

Unlike heavy-duty truck drivers, who drive overnight routes spanning multiple states, local truck drivers cover a tighter regional space, often visiting different cities or hauling to various points inside one municipality daily.

Truck drivers enjoy local hauling jobs because it offers a traditional 40-hour work week, letting them spend time at home with their families instead of weeks on the road with nobody but their radios. Local truck drivers usually move flatbeds, bob trucks, and multi-stop trucks instead of the tractor units and chiller trucks you see on freeways.

The Qualifications for a Local Truck Driver

The professional standards for a local truck driver vary depending on their employer, the weight of the truck they will be driving, and the type of cargo they will carry.

Most agencies like ours at Rapid Response require a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL for most of their local truck drivers. A CDL is more challenging to obtain than Class C licenses, which are available for anyone over 18.

For people looking into commercial driving, CDLs have three classes that will dictate the size of truck that a driver can use:

A Class A license is for professional haulers who drive heavy-duty tractor-trailers across state lines.

A Class B license works well for most local trucking operations, as it allows drivers to use box trucks, straight trucks, and passenger buses.

A Class C license is for commercial vans, small delivery trucks, and other vehicles with no trailers.

While obtaining a CDL is enough to start looking for local truck driving jobs in Atlanta, Georgia, you must also consider industry standards to be competitive.

Research data from ZipRecruiter reveals that local truck drivers in Atlanta make around $58,000 annually. These attractive rates and the opportunity to spend time at home like a regular employee entice thousands of drivers to apply.

Why Look for Local Truck Driving Jobs in Atlanta?

Local logistics is fast becoming one of the most sought-after fields for young professionals. Driving a truck is not taxing on the body like many other trades. It lets you earn good pay and allows you to explore the outdoors with your choice of soundtrack.

Operators like our team at Rapid Response have daytime and nighttime routes, so you can choose a driving schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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