Working As a Truck Driver in Kansas City

Job opportunities in Kansas City, KS

The transportation industry supports many businesses and daily activities. Truck drivers are right at the center of everything as they haul most of the heavy cargoes that travel by land in the United States.

If you’re interested in truck driving or looking for truck driver jobs in Kansas City, KS, it may help to explore some of the reasons you should consider a career as a truck driver.

Great Pay and Benefits

The median base salary for a truck driver in Kansas City is about $70,916 per year. This salary increases with factors such as experience, availability, and industry. The average annual salary also depends on the type of commercial driving license you have and other driving certifications.

Many truck drivers earn their salary per mile, and they may earn bonuses for extra tasks such as driving hazardous cargo and loading/unloading their trailers. Benefits vary from one company to another, but most truck drivers enjoy health coverage, vacation, work-life balance, and more.


If you enjoy traveling, sightseeing, and visiting new places, truck driving offers you an opportunity to travel while earning a salary. Many trucking companies offer drivers the option to select different routes based on availability and preference. Some trucking companies even let you travel with a companion and explore together.

Educational Requirements

Unlike many other jobs in Kansas City and beyond, truck driving doesn’t require a college degree. That means you can start your career as soon as you earn your Class A commercial driver’s license.

Although some companies look for experienced drivers, many hire drivers right out of high school who have recently earned their CDLs.

Job Stability

Truck drivers play a crucial role in many industries and allow companies to distribute their products and receive the supplies they need. Plus, consumers throughout the country get their products primarily via road.

As a result, trucking companies operate in all parts of the country and have a consistent demand for truck drivers. There’s no shortage of truck driver jobs in Kansas City, KS, or throughout the United States.

Self-Direction and Autonomy

Truck drivers spend plenty of time on the road and rarely interact with supervisors or coworkers. The autonomy within the job makes it an attractive career option for self-starters who like to work alone with minimal to no supervision.

Nonetheless, truck driving requires a team effort involving other drivers, warehouse workers, fleet management, and more.

Challenging Job

If you love a challenge, then truck driving has enough trials to keep you on your toes. You’ll often get to wear multiple hats throughout your job, each with its own chance of facing new challenges.

Whether it’s driving through snowy or muddy conditions or getting a load strapped down, you’ll always find something challenging and interesting about working as a truck driver.

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